darling,youre.so.unoriginal (pimp___slap) wrote in lamelamelosers,

mod post

hello there. new mod. no, not really. dark_elv just changed journals. it took awhile to set up. k. first of all, we changed a few rules, and re-did the application. i updated the accepted/rejected lists too, but i dont know if i got everyone or not, so if you wanna make sure you're on there, and in the right spot, you better check. if your not just let me know. oh, and we're having problems with our banners. meh, my bandwith exceeded and i didnt save them onto my computer, thats all. they sucked anyway.. anyone wanna take it upon themselves to make us new ones? well, i changed the rules so i guess i have to follow them. im your mod and you do not need to vote, because it wont make any difference anyway

name, age, location= michelle, 15, fredericksburg
gender, sexual preference, shoe size= femme, straight, 8
two communities i've been rejected from= hot_core_kids, nonuglyemos
why you lame?= i am the moderator of this lame community.
describe your fashion sense= vintage, dark colors. Im going through a phase were all i wanna wear is costumes and polka dots, i love them polka dots.
describe your room= messy, blue walls, pin up picture & magazine cutouts. it reflects my personality from about 4 years ago.
hobbys= piano, french, guitar, chorus, photography, stencils&art.
things to do= listen to music, html, write, movies, take pictures, livejournal.
favorite thing in the world=boys with brown eyes & hoodies.
5 favorite bands= hot hot heat, belle & sebastian, the moldy peaches, blink 182, express
5 favorite songs= i miss you, aveda, i need you tonight, kiss the girl, yes, from the little mermaid, that song.
favorite movies=donnie darko, whale rider, indiana jones and the last crusaide, star wars the empire strikes back
favorite stores= the disney store, goodwill, sam goody
social situation= i have 1 best friend and a handful of friends. i dont really fit in well with a specific social clique.
dating status= single, very reserved.
# of times your heart broke= 1.
something very embarrasing about yourself= i have that icky dry-skin disease that your mom gets on her elbows!!
promote us= virginia_indie
4 clear pictures=
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