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why do you think you are lame?: I sit on the computer most of my day, complain too much, I have a very expanded vocabulary but fail to use it
top 5 favorite bands: AFI, Pink Floyd, Guns N' Roses, Marilyn Manson,Hole (i have others that come close)
top 5 favorite songs: 'Fool in The Rain'-Led Zeppelin, 'Back Door Man'-The doors, 'This Time Imperfect'-AFI,'Devil's Workday'-Modest Mouse, 'Patience'-Guns N' Roses,'Boy's Don't cry'-The cure
favorite movie: The Crow,Thirteen,SLC Punk, The SHining, Nightmare Before Christmas,One Flew Over to Coo-Coos Nest
what do you do in your free time? Go online, talk to jesse, ride horses, listen to music, make funky bracelets
describe your room/rooming situation: I live with my parents and my sister, well shes off to college in september
dating status?: Sort-of boyfriend Jesse
social status?: I have friends.
tell us a joke:What's a pedophile's favorite part of a hockey game....Before the First Period
*post picture here.(can be drawn but real life pictures are reccomended.)

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+The Cure and Modest Mouse
+Enxtended Vocab. haha. I have one too and refuse to use it.
+Salt Lake City Punk

I love your hair it's lovely :], I have Bright Pink.. Well kinda faded right now.. but us kids who dye out hair starnge colors muct stick together! :]

thnaks <3 pink hair rocks the casbah

Yes. Just for the simple fact that I love ur hair!
i mod, under a different username. i'll give you a stamp later. sorry it took so long.

you're accepted.

<3 welcome to lamelamelosers
please promote, this communitys dying