I wish you were my shadow. (_youneverknew_) wrote in lamelamelosers,
I wish you were my shadow.



name/age: 14
why do you think you are lame?: because i messed up the lj cut thing,, and i go home an sit everyday and wait for my friends to call me and we have cracker eating contests at lunch..

top 5 favorite bands: the used, brand new, taking back sunday,mad caddies, senses fail
top 5 favorite songs: bulmic, sic transit gloria, the mosh pit part 2.. drinking for 11,, and bloody romance
favorite movie:.. dumb& dumber
what do you do in your free time?  hang out with friends,, and go to as many shows i can,, an i eat.. alot
describe your room/rooming situation: i live at home with my dad... but hes never here
dating status?:  permit.. lol but most of my friends drive
social status?:.. loser i guess?
tell us a joke?. did you here about the double car pile up on 60? ,, no, what happened?? punchline - 500 mexicans died..
*post picture here.(can be drawn but real life pictures are reccomended.)

 - dont ask.. =)

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