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name, age, location=Dan 15 NJ
gender, sexual preferance, shoe size=Male Straight

2+ communities you've been rejected from=none
why you lame?=Cause i waste my life away doing nothing
describe your fashion sense=I grab what ever is on the top of my draw
describe your room/rooming situation=um i have a room but i don't sleep in it i sleep in my guest room
hobbies?=Guitar, Band, Shows, Music and something else
favorite things to do=Playing guitar,  listing to music
favorite thing IN THE WORLD=Music
5 favorite bands=Children Of Bodom, The Misfits, Iron Maiden, Bad Religion, and Adolescents
5 favorite songs="Mask of Sanity" By Children Of Bodom,"Hate Me" By Children of Bodom,  "Atheist Anthem" By Leftover Crack, "Sinister Rouge" By Bad Religion, and "Going Down to Die" By Danzig  (This list changes all the time)
favorite movies=Fight Club I really don't know
favorite clothing stores=Online or Ebay
social status=What the hell does this mean
dating status=Single
# of times your little heart has been broken=I don't know
something terribly embarrasing about yourself=somethign

My hair is short

Yea thats my guitar

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