sarah (__checkers) wrote in lamelamelosers,

name/age: sarah/mike/12
why do you think you are lame?: because all i do. is walk and walk. im a wanderer.thats about all i do. but its better at 3 in the morning. and i read and use the computer. and go to dennys and leave odd tips.take toasts with half and halfs. and i wear boxers under skirts.
top 5 favorite bands: rilo kiley, modest mouse, coheed and cambria, from autumn to ashes, the doors
top 5 favorite songs: the good that wont come out;rilo kiley. edit the sad parts, dramamine, nevending math equations, paper thin walls; modest mouse.
favorite movie: donnie darko, alice in wonderland, the nightmare before christmas, hedwig and the angry inch, a clockwork orange..etc.
what do you do in your free time? pretty much, walk from one side of the town to the other. till i find one of my friends. then we go to dennys and order coffee and sing all night.
describe your room/rooming situation: normal old family. mom, dad, brother sisters, etc.
dating status?:single. and proud.
social status?: eh..i have friends. but they have work. and such.
tell us a joke: errm. this isnt exactally a joke. im a cucumber. im a cucumber im a cucumber. PLEASE DONT TAKE ME TO THE PICKLE FARM.
*post picture here.(can be drawn but real life pictures are reccomended.)

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