OMGZZZ (____starburst) wrote in lamelamelosers,

so, so lame.

name, age, location= Emily, 14, NJ
gender, sexual preferance, shoe size=female, boys, 8
2+ communities you've been rejected from=emo_punk_cuties, oh_mi_lawd_hawt
why you lame?= 1. if you scroll down, that earring is fake, i like social studies, the computer is my life.
describe your fashion sense=i like to be comfortable. usually its a band shirt or loose shirt, and jeans. and i like guys sweatshirts.
describe your room/rooming situation= i live with my parents.
hobbies?=web design, swimming, making bracelets out of that embroidery floss stuff
favorite things to do= swim, sleep, and eat.
favorite thing IN THE WORLD= my mp3 player
5 favorite bands=brand new, linkin park, snow patrol, no doubt, blink 182
5 favorite songs=99 red balloons-goldfinger, champagne supernova-oasis, jaws theme swimming-brand new, good to know that if i ever need attention all i have to do is die-brand new, sunday morning-no doubt
favorite movies= ferris buelers day off, donnie darko, school of rock
favorite clothing stores= target, nordstrom (good jeans)
social status= i have friends, for the most part.
dating status= single. sigh.
# of times your little heart has been broken= like 2, because i was a loser and new i had no chance, but like the guy anyway.
something terribly embarrasing about yourself=i look so bad in pictures that i get rejected from communities almost immediately. no, probably that i still like the spice girls. and i always forget the lj cut
post @least 4 clear, unmodified pictures of yourself. no nudity.

I just realized how terribly disgusting and oily my skin looks. I am so sorry. but way to lazy to take new ones. these were from a few days ago.

promote us to at least 1 person/community and give us the link.
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